An Cuideagh o' Corn o' Uisghebeathe

The Society of Tasters of the Water of Life


3931 Long Point Blvd, Portsmouth VA 23703

The Society shall mail newsletters to all members of record, apprising them of news of single
malts and such data the Society may be able to elicit from the distillers.

The Society shall be based at whatever location shall be chosen by the President and the
Secretary-Treasurer. This year it shall be based at:

3931 Long Point Blvd
Portsmouth, VA 23703-5338
Phone (757) 484-7682

The Membership dues of the society shall be used for the following:

  1. To defray expenses and costs incurred at Scottish games and Clan Gatherings.
  2. To defray costs of newsletters and other Society mailings.
  3. To assist the leadership of games and gatherings when required or Requested.
  4. Membership dues permit each member to sponsor a tasting at a time and place of their


  1. To develop knowledge of Uisghebeathe, its origins and history.
  2. To encourage a deeper understanding of Single Malt Scotch.
  3. To develop and understanding of the nuances between the many single malts.
  4. To encourage the distillation and consumption of uisghe.
  5. To glorify the Nectar of the Scots and have a grand time tasting it.
  6. To encourage collection of single malts.
  7. To encourage and sponsor tours of the distilleries.
  8. To foster camaraderie among the sippers of the true Uisghebeatha.
  9. To teach the world the difference between sipping uisghe and drinking any of the
    multitudinous and deplorable drams of the Sassenach.

Name (FULL name, including middle name)

Nickname or calling if different from above.

Address (Street, City, State, Zip code)

Phone number and email address

Dues $25.00 annually (payable to COCOU)